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7 Easy Behaviors To Do Now To Maintain Good Health: 


10 Good Reasons To Participate in Psychotherapy
  1. Sleep 8-hours a night

  2. Drink a minimum of 36oz of water per day

  3. Regular visits with close friends

  4. Laugh regularly and daily

  5. Give more than you receive

  6. Exercise every day for at least 30-min

  7. Meditate on the value of the day


  1. You need a guilt-free place to focus on You and only you.

  2. You need a place to practice being more social, more assertive, or more yourself.

  3. You're miserable at your job.

  4. Lately, your moods and behavior has been out of sorts.

  5. Lately, your relationships have all been rocky.

  6. You've noticed a pattern in your life and you need to find out "if it's me."

  7. You can't control your racing or anxious thoughts.

  8. You've been using a substance or action as a crutch.

  9. You just really need someone at the moment.

  10. You want to make a bad life good...or a good life better.

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