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Example of an Oxymoron: Diet Soda

This will be a short post and I will quickly get to the point. The use of sugar substitutes is quickly showing poorer and poorer effects on the body, in addition to the increased risk of cancer. Case in point. I don't drink much of diet soda or sodas in general because of the high fructose and the growing evidence that sugar substitutes are bad for us. The final nail for this coffin for my consumption avoidance is the relationship between weight gain and sugar substitutes, such as the sugar substitute in Diet Coke, Aspartame.

I don't understand the science as well, but I will make an attempt to explain, as I did to my sister-in-law a few hours ago (she drinks a lot of Coke Zero). Studies are showing that aspartame, or its derivative, harms the gut biome in a way that keeps alive the bacteria that needs sugar while damaging the other types of bacteria. The increase in sugar-hungry bacteria begins to communicate with the rest of the body, increasing the need for more sugar. We who have drank diet sodas can attest to this, with our tendency to eat worse or crave sweet foods when we have downed the second glass of diet soda at a restaurant (or by the grill at home). Our body is communicating with us to stop.

The solution is easy....for some. Stop drinking too much diet soda (one per week, on a cheat day) and take a good probiotic with enzymes on a weekly basis to replace and restore the intestinal environment. The Kombucha I began drinking was a great find because it satisfies my need for a tasty drink as well as helping maintain the ecology of my gut.

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