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Three Obvious Things to Avoid Asking a Family Member

You might think that these are self-evident. Not so much. Here are my Top 3 things to avoid asking a family member for 2018.

1. To clean up after a suicide. There are companies that can handle that task for you. A suicide is a tragedy. Don't worsen the situation for everyone with asking a family member to clean up a successful suicide.

2. Covering up criminal activity. Rape, molestation, assault, shoplifting, drug trafficking and leaving out a gun with a suicidal person are all criminal activities. Get away from that person quickly, and PROTECT the victim.

3. To co-sign a business loan. The quickest way to find yourself on the bad side of a close family member is to borrow thousands of dollars and your "sure fire" business goes bust and you get stuck repaying the money. This also is relevant for lending thousands for the same reason. Get a written contract.

Easy to follow recommendations to make 2019 better for everyone in the family. I hope no one is found in the situation or condition where these recommendations are needed. Be safe.

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